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Community investment fund

Do you have an idea that would benefit your community? What would you do with £1,000?

Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd is offering up to £1,000 in grant funding for community and voluntary groups that can positively influence communities, and improve the lives of Gwynedd residents, through the delivery of one or more of the following objectives:

  • Tenants - Improve the standard of life for CCG tenants and residents
  • Sustainable Communities – Creation of sustainable communities
  • Employment & Skills – Increase work, skills and volunteering opportunities within our communities, especially amongst young people, and those who are disadvantaged; and also increasing investment in and the development of the local economy
  • Health – Improve the health and wellbeing of CCG tenants and residents and/or reducing deprivation within our communities.
  • Environment – Encourage, protect and enrich the environment
  • Culture - Identify and respond to the community’s social, linguistic and cultural needs
  • Safety - Improve safety and prevent or reduce anti-social behaviour within communities

For more information about the Fund and to apply for a grant, please contact the Community Involvement Team on 0300 123 8084 or email

Application Guidelines 2019/20

Application Form

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